In Dia Tauta, we don’t just serve meals but we offer an enjoyable experience at its fullest.

Our vision


For the Greeks, as for all the Mediterranean people, the table is the place that unites generations and cultures, families and friends. Beyond years of tradition, sharing our food means disagreeing on our opinions, announcing important news, transporting smells and tastes from our childhood. Dia Tauta, is a meeting point, a choice for hundreds of customers. A place to create memories.

Since 2004, our mission is to bring to your table the best recipes of the Mediterranean diet. Pure and carefully selected raw materials arrive daily in the kitchen of Dia Tauta, to be cooked with know-how and Greek Meraki in order to bring the knowledge and taste of the Mediterranean diet to your table. Feta from Tyrnavos, Sausages of Tzoumagia, Graviera of Crete, Smoked Metsovone cheese, Saffran from Kozani are just some of the products that compose a nutritious and healthy meal in Dia Tauta. Combined with carefully selected wine labels with main origin from Macedonia region, but also warm and friendly service and live music, they bring the quality and nutritional value of the Mediterranean diet to your table!


Since 2013 the Mediterranean diet, due to the pure raw materials and the nutritional value it offers to the human body, belongs to the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Unesco. Greece, in cooperation with Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal and Morocco, joined the list as ambassadors of the Mediterranean diet, including their customs, unique recipes and traditions.

Firm supporters of the Mediterranean diet we believe that eating together is the foundation of cultural identity and concerns the continuity of communities throughout the Mediterranean region. Our vision is to promote Mediterranean cuisine to enhance the tradition and identity of Greece, as well as to benefit from the healthy benefits that characterize the Mediterranean diet. Our dishes are always a complete and healthy proposal with full nutritional value and are based on traditional recipes that we love to share, prepared with pure local products from local productions. Combined with unique choices in wine and spirits, create a special choice for your daily table.

Our vision