Our Vision


Our philosophy

In Dia Tauta, we don’t just serve meals but we offer an enjoyable experience at its fullest.

A large variety of flavors, lots of choices in drinks and beverages, Greek music, friendly service and a nice and relaxed environment are the elements creating this experience


For us Greeks, food is not just a meal. We reunite our families, meet our friends, discuss our news or even argue about politics around an eating table. Dia Tauta is a meeting point, a choice for hundreds of people, a place to create memories

Return to healthy and nutritional food, promotion of the Mediterranean diet and the use of the best, the purest materials for our recipes is our goals. Who says that dining outside can’t be quality eating?

In daily basis, we receive the freshest raw materials (vegetables, meat, fish etc) coming from small Greek producers and big Greek companies always keeping quality in mind! We prepare many of our delicacies in house (appetizers, croquettes, spreads, minced meat products) avoiding frozen and canned products, full of preservatives