Our History

The business started as a butcher shop in 1961 by Angelos Kyranas based in Balanou 7. Three years later the business is transferred to its current Headquarters, at 6-8 Vatikiotou. In 1971, the company changed its object and was transformed into a greengrocer named “Skydra”, without changing its ownership status and headquarters. The greengrocer store operated smoothly until 2000, when the business was given to the daughter of Mr. Kyranas, Alexandra. Since then, and until 2003, the company operates as a greengrocer under the management of Mrs. Kyrana. In April 2004, Dia Tauta opens its doors to serve dishes harmonized with Mediterranean cuisine. In 2006, Miltos Kogios and Paschalis Mavrelis were added to the company and the company expanded to the adjacent stores, 2-4 Vatikiotou street. From the beginning of its operation until today, Dia Tauta is characterized by the pure raw materials it uses, the daily receipts of products exclusively from local producers that ensure its unique quality, but also the warm atmosphere and the friendly service. In the 17 years of consecutive presence in the center of Thessaloniki, it has served many people both from Greece and abroad, offering quality food, excellent quality wines and spirits and friendly service that you can not find anywhere else.

Our Place

Our headquarters (Vatikiotou 6-8) is characterized as a conserved building and its presence is evidenced in an archive and photographs of Thessaloniki around the 1920s. Built to the standards of the architecture of Ernest Ebrar on either side of the monumental axis of Aristotle square. The building consists of a ground floor store with large openings and a first floor with double arched windows. The facade of the building on Vatikiotou Street stands out from the adjacent buildings, due to the architecture and the height restoration that took place during the renovation that took place in 2004.

The branch building (2-4 Vatikiotou street), consists of a ground floor store with large openings. In 2021, a radical renovation of all the structures of the store is carried out in order to harmonize with the modern standards of production and food safety.